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Dear Ladies,
I am very pleased to welcome you back to the shop and sincerely hope that you are keeping safe and well.
We have a very lovely Autumn/Winter collection to introduce you to, and you may find a special something to help keep your spirits up.
Kind regards, Annette

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Annette - Owner / Style Consultant Sharon - Style Consultant

Dear ladies,
I am pleased to say that after 24 years in the Fashion trade I am still thoroughly enjoying the business in its constantly varying guises and continuing to champion the cause of buying into the “feel good factor”.
I have fun looking at trends but mindful of wearability and especially keen on “the cut” and fabric content of a garment and its durability. I love helping you choses from a variety of styles for multiple occasions. I think there is much to be said for putting on fabulous Cashmere sweaters over your favourite jeans, or a beautifully tailored coat - over anything. To face life’s challenges with confidence and a renewed sense of self.
I look forward to introducing you to a lovely new range of Autumn/Winter clothes and, when you come, do bring a friend and stop for lunch at the Cornish Arms - very well renowned in and out of Tavistock, our very handsome and historical market Town.
With Best Wishes
Annette and Sharon

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